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Type of Stretching

posted Oct 14, 2009 11:16 PM by Michael Gibbs   [ updated Mar 16, 2010 3:35 PM by Bryan Kolozsi ]

Many patients can improve flexibility about a joint by complementing their chiropractic care with stretching exercises.  Here is a brief review of the different types of stretching exercises: 

  • Dynamic: Controlled movement of body parts to increase ROM. An example is slow and controlled leg swings.
  • Static Active: Holding a position using the strength of the oppsite muscle. An example is a wrist extension.
  • Static Passive: Holding a position using an outside object. An example is pulling your arm and shoulder across your chest and holding it with your opposite elbow.
  • Isometric: Contracting a muscle using an outside object. An example is a hamstring stretch against a wall.
  • PNF: A combination of Static Passive and Isometric. Requires a partner or instructor. An example is the stretching of a hamstring by a therapist.

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