We value our patients' experience at Kolozsi Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Bryan Kolozsi
Your Menlo Park Chiropractor

  • "4/22/2008

    I've had back problems for years due to a bad ski fall about 15 years ago, and working on my feet in a restaurant for over a decade. I've been to several chiropractors, and Bryan gives the most amazing adjustments I've ever experienced. I wouldn't ... make that couldn't ... go to anyone else. He also has a massage chair that is pure heaven, is super nice and accomodating with your schedule ... oh, and he's easy on the eyes too :) When I leave his office I feel like a new person ... he gives his full attention and plenty of time to each patient, his precision and attention to detail are remarkable, and he sincerely cares about helping you. Thank you Dr. Kolozsi!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Sheila H. / San Francisco, CA
  • "11/6/2007
    First to Review

    Excellent adjustments, convenient location, manages all the insurance stuff for you. Give him a try!!"
    Margot B. / Redwood City, CA
  • "7/13/2008
    He's great. I always feel better after his adjustments. Very easy to schedule with him. Highly recommend him."
    Susan H. / Atherton, CA
  • "2/18/2009
    I'd seen three or four chiropractors over the years, but without making any real dent in my recurring lower back problems. Then a couple of my Menlo Park co-workers enthusiastically referred me to Dr K, and I've been a patient of his ever since. He's the ONLY chiropractor who has been able to effectively adjust my lower back, as well as middle/upper back & neck.

    Dr K is consistently responsive to both voice and e-mail and has scheduled many appts with me on short notice. Also he's a down to earth guy who carefully listens to your symptoms. And he handles the insurance stuff without any problems.

    I would definitely recommend Dr K to others!"
    Adam W. / Belmont, CA
  • "6/9/2009
    I had been having some back and shoulder pain due to working on the computer, stress, etc. etc. I was able to get in to see Dr. Kolozsi right away. He was really great and did several adjustments on me. I felt comfortable and at ease the entire time. When he's done, you get to sit in a massage chair which feels really great. I went back for 2 more followups, but I have to say I began feeling comfort within a few hours after the first appointment. Go see him! He's fantastic and the adjustments really do work and you'll be feeling much better very quickly. I'll be returning as needed, for sure!"
    Karla E.
  • "6/27/2009
    I began seeing Dr. Kolozsi when I ran for the Nike Farm team in Palo Alto. He has always done an excellent job of knowing what adjustments I need, even when I come in broken and beat up. As an elite runner and someone who demands a lot from his body, this is very important. Now that I live in the city, I still make the trip down to Menlo Park to see him. If he ever challenges you to a race make sure you take him up on it...he's been ducking me for years!"
    Brendon M.
  • "I've had a lot of chiropractors over the years and a few have been really good, but Dr. Kolozsi is the best! I've been seeing him regularly for about 4 years now. He takes whatever amount of time is needed to help you. He's easy going, puts you at ease and really knows his adjustments. I can't imagine going to anyone else."
    Mark G.
  • "I've been seeing Bryan for over a year and he's been so good to my back. He's a really pleasant guy and does his job well. I've came in so many times when my back felt like it couldn't move, or it hurt like hell to turn my neck to the side and he's been able to fix me right up. Every time I come out of his office, I am amazed at the increase in my back's range of motion. He's also been able to squeeze me in if I'm having an emergency, which I really appreciate. He accepts my insurance and I've never had billing issues with him."
    Lidiya B.
  • "Update - 2/23/2010
    Well here I go again, extolling Dr. Bryan's expertise, above and beyond the call of duty! Since I'd missed a couple of my regular "tune-ups" because of the holidays, I felt a little stiff, but figured it would go away. I ended up with a bad sacrum problem as a result, and could barely walk one morning. After the first day of treatment with Dr. Kolozsi, I could walk again, and after the second, was on my way to getting better. This guy can treat anything, and I urge anyone with stiffness or pain to go seek treatment from him.
    Thanks Dr. Bryan!"
    Pia G.
  • "5/15/2008
    This man is a GENIUS! I've probably been to half a dozen chiropractors over the years for various problems, and he is by far the most effective and comprehensive in his treatment.
    I felt like I was 20 years younger afterwards, (which is really saying something for an old fogey!) Relaxed, happy and free from anxiety or pain; he's a magician! Also very reasonable prices.
    Thanks Dr. Bryan!"
    Pia G.